Phrases in a Sales Conversation That Cost You Deals

sales conversation

Time and again, ‘words’ have proven to be either the greatest boon or the crushing bane of businesses. While a powerfully crafted sales pitch might compel a prospect to seal-the-deal, a distasteful phrase could possibly annihilate opportunities. Therefore, it is critical for professionals to be aware of the kind of phrases they should use to … Read more

How to Deal With ‘We Are Currently Working With Your Competitor’

Every executive from a sales background is well familiar with the distressing situation when a good prospect, on whom they have invested numerous hours and tremendous effort chasing and nurturing, says the inevitable, “We have chosen to work with one of your competitors.” How do sales executives respond to that? Most of the time, sales … Read more

Sales Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Have you ever understood the basics of sales through different binge-watching popular series? It is without a doubt that sales is a game of influence as any large sale will involve people with competing interests, and often we can learn a lot from the fictive shows, popular culture vouches by.  One of the most popular … Read more

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Sales CRM

Day in and out, we witness emerging trends and technological novelties in the market, which promises to successfully streamline organizational processes and trigger the sales graph. It does sound appealing to every organization, doesn’t it?

Every business goes through its unique set of ups and downs and consequently needs to improvise and deploy different solutions and strategies, to easily meet and exceed the evolving demands and expectations of a customer. However, businesses need to scrutinize the intricacies of different software and how smoothly they will be able to generate ROI.

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Sales CRM

Below mentioned are a few warning signs which illustrate when it’s time to invest in customer relationship management:

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Cognitive Biases Cheat Sheet for Effective Sales

Human psychology is an intriguing dimension of science, which is as unique as a DNA. It’s formulation and fabrication is highly driven by our own set of thoughts, past experiences, social reality and many more elements which exhort us to think on emotional, rather than just logical grounds. Such biases which interfere with the decision-making … Read more

Donald Trump Using The Fine-Art Of Sales

His success in the presidential elections is not an accident. Rather, I believe, we are seeing a master class in showmanship from quite an intelligent president. After Brexit, Donald Trump’s presidential coup was yet another highlight of 2016 which stormed nations and left people stunned, globally. It was indeed the most astonishing and unanticipated win … Read more

How to Stop Chasing Prospects Forever?

To no surprise prospects who agree to work with you and say “let’s get started”, with no warning just disappears. The biggest challenge faced by sales people is perhaps the problem of chasing prospects. Talking about the dynamics of cold calling, we usually expect and hope that the prospect is going to be receptive to … Read more

When Content Strikes a Chord with Sales

When Content Strikes a Chord With Sales

Nearly 40 per cent of companies use blogs and newsletters for marketing and sales purposes and over 46 per cent of people read such content on a daily basis. (Source) We are living in a day and age where the consumer no longer consults a sales executive to make a decision, instead he turns to … Read more