Tips to Choose the Best CRM for your Small Business

Easy.  Powerful.  Affordable These are the essential features to look out for if you are tight on budget and/or a CRM Virgin.  When running a small business, sales are the key to sustainability. Because of this, small business CRM software must do more than just managing contact information. Usually a CRM software brings in multiple … Read more

Can Cold Calling Ever Be the Way to Your Prospect’s Heart?

“Cold calling” as a phrase has always been understood as a steady stream of scripted conversations wherein body of the content remains same and the companies and names are swapped. At one point or the other a business development employee has to make a sales cold call to solicit the interest of the potential buyers. … Read more

What’s The Deal with SaaS Sales? Let’s Discover.

What is SaaS? SaaS has been understood as a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and make them available to customers over the internet. A good way to understand of a SaaS model is by thinking of a bank. A bank protects the privacy of each customer while providing service that … Read more

Maintaining Sales Productivity during Holiday: A How to Guide

And we are here, around the time of the year, when you hear managers screaming at their reps to close more deals, on the other side, a season-specific objection from a prospective customer “Please call me back after the holidays” Let’s face it that end-of-the-year selling weighs more than deals closed on January 3rd or … Read more

A Quick Guide to Getting a Glimpse into the Mind of Your Audience

According to the research, there are more than 3 billion searches conducted on Google every day. Giving your audience what they want with an ever increasing number of people gaining access to the web sometimes seems impossible. It’s even likely to get lost among the masses through all the reading, searching, liking, and sharing. It’s … Read more

A Room for Improvement for Companies when it comes to Live Chat – Study Finds

Before the existence of World Wide Web, phone numbers and emails were the only way customers used to follow to contact you. Today, when the vast of range of digital platform such as social media networks, web forms, and emails are available, consumers have become more tech savvy and businesses are finding them engaging with … Read more

Why do Sales Leaders Miss Their Target?

No its neither inefficiency nor lack of leads. Let’s not jump to the conclusions so fast.  And to be precise on point, “sellers not hitting their targets” is a real problem today. One recent study found that only 54% of the salespeople achieve enough revenue to meet the quota and 45.4 percent of those same … Read more

Best Sales Books: 7 Legendary Picks to Step up Your Sales Game

Amazon has 340,738 book titles containing the word “sales” in it. Since you might not be able to read all the 3,40,738 books, I have distilled some of my favorites here to help you close more deals, become best of the best, and a badass sales person. Here we go: Snap Selling by Jill Konrath … Read more

Motivational Stories From World’s Best Sales People

Working in sales is tough, especially in the current uber-competitive scenario. During the downturns, even the best sales professionals throw in the towel. They often enter into a stalemate, while pleasing consumers and it is during such times that a little motivation can go a long way. Motivation is one of the essential ingredients for … Read more