How to Revive Your Unresponsive Prospects

Every sales development representative has been through a similar situation- cold or dead prospect. We can imagine you being starry-eyed on the pursuit of a hot prospect, expecting to bag it immediately. Yet, like we always say in the world of Sales: the bigger the prospect the more elusive it is. However, one often ends … Read more

Best Voicemails Strategies to Get You More Callbacks

With the ascension complete Sales Automation, bolstered by the powerful CRM software, technology has taken up sales force by storm. Yet, one would be foolish to give up old tropes of technology for the new, and use of voicemails is at the top of the list. Voicemails should be an integral part of any overall … Read more

Motivational Stories From World’s Best Sales People

Working in sales is tough, especially in the current uber-competitive scenario. During the downturns, even the best sales professionals throw in the towel. They often enter into a stalemate, while pleasing consumers and it is during such times that a little motivation can go a long way. Motivation is one of the essential ingredients for … Read more

Why Sales Forecasting is Important To Your Business?

Any self-sustaining company would need sales to cover basic operating costs such as employee salaries, marketing of existing products or services. The list of expenditures that in the day to day operations are never ending, rather keep arising. And to ensure that your business doesn’t have to face any unnecessary hindrances on growth, you need … Read more

Are You Approaching Your Sales Conversation Right?

Sales is an essential component of an entrepreneur’s life. Having the prospect become the customer is every sales reps ultimate objective of their interaction. But, being able to sell effectively means knowing how to get them lower their guard. Because people buy from those whom they know, like, and trust. If you want to be … Read more

Best Responses to “Sell Me This Pen”

Coined by Jordan Belfort, the question, “Sell me this pen” has become the mirror for the salespeople to demonstrate their selling skills. The way it’s answered is a reflection of salesperson’s street-smart skills, along with an in-depth knowledge of the consumers. Importance of Pen Question When interviewer/buyer asks to “sell me this pen”, there is … Read more

Phrases in a Sales Conversation That Cost You Deals

sales conversation

Time and again, ‘words’ have proven to be either the greatest boon or the crushing bane of businesses. While a powerfully crafted sales pitch might compel a prospect to seal-the-deal, a distasteful phrase could possibly annihilate opportunities. Therefore, it is critical for professionals to be aware of the kind of phrases they should use to … Read more

How to Deal With ‘We Are Currently Working With Your Competitor’

Every executive from a sales background is well familiar with the distressing situation when a good prospect, on whom they have invested numerous hours and tremendous effort chasing and nurturing, says the inevitable, “We have chosen to work with one of your competitors.” How do sales executives respond to that? Most of the time, sales … Read more

Sales Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Have you ever understood the basics of sales through different binge-watching popular series? It is without a doubt that sales is a game of influence as any large sale will involve people with competing interests, and often we can learn a lot from the fictive shows, popular culture vouches by.  One of the most popular … Read more