Why Landing Page Converts More Than a Home Page

Why Landing Page Converts More Than a Home Page Last year’s, was my fourth Christmas out of the past five away from home since I moved to Delhi and I was homesick. I was driving past a road when I saw a huge billboard that read “Holiday Homesick Blues: Treat yourself to a homey Christmas. … Read more

Donald Trump Using The Fine-Art Of Sales

His success in the presidential elections is not an accident. Rather, I believe, we are seeing a master class in showmanship from quite an intelligent president. After Brexit, Donald Trump’s presidential coup was yet another highlight of 2016 which stormed nations and left people stunned, globally. It was indeed the most astonishing and unanticipated win … Read more

Why We Love Customer Intelligence and You Should Too!

In this evolving and cut-throat industry, you can efficiently achieve a long- lasting competitive advantage by developing a good understanding of your customer. This is where Customer Intelligence comes in. Customer Intelligence is an art that every sales executive and business leader should implement in trade as without this you are left with assumptions, history, … Read more