Tips to Choose the Best CRM for your Small Business

Easy.  Powerful.  Affordable These are the essential features to look out for if you are tight on budget and/or a CRM Virgin.  When running a small business, sales are the key to sustainability. Because of this, small business CRM software must do more than just managing contact information. Usually a CRM software brings in multiple … Read more

Maintaining Sales Productivity during Holiday: A How to Guide

And we are here, around the time of the year, when you hear managers screaming at their reps to close more deals, on the other side, a season-specific objection from a prospective customer “Please call me back after the holidays” Let’s face it that end-of-the-year selling weighs more than deals closed on January 3rd or … Read more

A Quick Guide to Getting a Glimpse into the Mind of Your Audience

According to the research, there are more than 3 billion searches conducted on Google every day. Giving your audience what they want with an ever increasing number of people gaining access to the web sometimes seems impossible. It’s even likely to get lost among the masses through all the reading, searching, liking, and sharing. It’s … Read more

Content Marketing: The Humble Beginning and Evolution

Bill Gates definitely struck gold when he famously quoted ‘Content is King’ in 1996. What he and also the world couldn’t fathom was the rise of the humble content to being highly regarded as one of the best ways to build a brand. The power of words has surely surpassed the mere scale of imagination … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing

With time, mobile devices have succeeded in becoming an integral part of human lives. Studies reveal that 44% of cell phone owners sleep with their phones next to their beds, for fear of missing out. This has certainly made the whole industry sit and realize the importance of this tiny device—it is being used by … Read more

The Marketing Inspirations to Follow On Instagram

For someone who is a sincere user of Facebook, I was sceptical to get involved with the Instagram hash tag type. Having been a Facebook and Twitter user since near launch, I regarded Instagram as fairly similar product and didn’t really want to condemn myself to even more social network hours a day. However, my … Read more

Best Practices on Email Marketing

It is easy to confuse me with a spammer when you hear about the rate of success I’ve had. To be honest, all the success I’ve had is through constantly engaging my audience with email marketing. So, these have mostly been nurturing emails to opt-in lists. And yes, sending a million emails has definitely taught … Read more

How is the new feature “Instagram Stories” Benefiting Brands?

One of the biggest newsmakers of 2016 was the launch of the new Instagram feature- ‘Instagram Stories’. Recently, various studies have revealed that over 100 million active users engage with this feature on a daily basis. Consequently, it has also proven to be a big hit especially among brands since it offers intimate, raw, behind-the-scene … Read more

How to Use LinkedIn As a Marketing Tool?

In today’s cut-throat business landscape, it has become extremely complex to stand out in the market and rake in revenues. The tough battle of getting your innovative message across requires the leverage of insightful tools; something that adds an edge to the jaded system. The old traditional methods of marketing a business have been reduced … Read more