Want to Build a Stunning LinkedIn Profile?

Social selling and networking in your industry is pretty much a legitimate way of building your pipeline. Hence having an eye-catching and professional LinkedIn profile becomes imperative to put your best foot forward. Here’s how to best fill out your profile Picture It is mostly your picture, professional headline, and name that people see. So, … Read more

The Worst LinkedIn Sins

We all make mistakes on social media every once in a while, and that’s okay. Yet, certain mistakes cost us a great deal. Similar to a cardinal sin; the gaffes presented carry the highest amount of penance around them. Amongst the abundance of options, LinkedIn is arguably the most important social media site for sales … Read more

How to Use LinkedIn As a Marketing Tool?

In today’s cut-throat business landscape, it has become extremely complex to stand out in the market and rake in revenues. The tough battle of getting your innovative message across requires the leverage of insightful tools; something that adds an edge to the jaded system. The old traditional methods of marketing a business have been reduced … Read more