Building an Instant Rapport with C-Level Executives: A How to Guide

Gone are the days when C-level executives typically used to join the conversations only to rubber-stamp for a final sign off. They now tend to jump into the buying process and be involved – through the entirety of the sales process. C-level executives have the authority to sign-off on deals immediately, sales reps won’t likely be passed … Read more

How to Revive Your Unresponsive Prospects

Every sales development representative has been through a similar situation- cold or dead prospect. We can imagine you being starry-eyed on the pursuit of a hot prospect, expecting to bag it immediately. Yet, like we always say in the world of Sales: the bigger the prospect the more elusive it is. However, one often ends … Read more

How to Deal With ‘We Are Currently Working With Your Competitor’

Every executive from a sales background is well familiar with the distressing situation when a good prospect, on whom they have invested numerous hours and tremendous effort chasing and nurturing, says the inevitable, “We have chosen to work with one of your competitors.” How do sales executives respond to that? Most of the time, sales … Read more

Effective Email Templates to Boost Your Prospecting

Going back to early 90’s, even a single email in the inbox used to excite people, so much! Fast forward to the present, a multitude of email flows into an inbox regularly and considering the ultra-busy schedule of the people, they generally limit themselves from opening each and every mail that comes to their doorstep. … Read more

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Sales CRM

Day in and out, we witness emerging trends and technological novelties in the market, which promises to successfully streamline organizational processes and trigger the sales graph. It does sound appealing to every organization, doesn’t it?

Every business goes through its unique set of ups and downs and consequently needs to improvise and deploy different solutions and strategies, to easily meet and exceed the evolving demands and expectations of a customer. However, businesses need to scrutinize the intricacies of different software and how smoothly they will be able to generate ROI.

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Sales CRM

Below mentioned are a few warning signs which illustrate when it’s time to invest in customer relationship management:

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Cognitive Biases Cheat Sheet for Effective Sales

Human psychology is an intriguing dimension of science, which is as unique as a DNA. It’s formulation and fabrication is highly driven by our own set of thoughts, past experiences, social reality and many more elements which exhort us to think on emotional, rather than just logical grounds. Such biases which interfere with the decision-making … Read more