5 Features of Sales Dashboard: 80% Successful Salespeople Follow it

Working as a sales executive is one of the most competitive jobs that keep you engaged with time-to-time sales performance and you will always find salespeople on their toes swapping their tasks such as cold calling, sending proposals, attending meetings, finding prospects and closing deals.5 Features of Sales Dashboard: 80% Successful Salespeople Follow it. Do … Read more

A Room for Improvement for Companies when it comes to Live Chat – Study Finds

Before the existence of World Wide Web, phone numbers and emails were the only way customers used to follow to contact you. Today, when the vast of range of digital platform such as social media networks, web forms, and emails are available, consumers have become more tech savvy and businesses are finding them engaging with … Read more

Why do Sales Leaders Miss Their Target?

No its neither inefficiency nor lack of leads. Let’s not jump to the conclusions so fast.  And to be precise on point, “sellers not hitting their targets” is a real problem today. One recent study found that only 54% of the salespeople achieve enough revenue to meet the quota and 45.4 percent of those same … Read more

Best Voicemails Strategies to Get You More Callbacks

With the ascension complete Sales Automation, bolstered by the powerful CRM software, technology has taken up sales force by storm. Yet, one would be foolish to give up old tropes of technology for the new, and use of voicemails is at the top of the list. Voicemails should be an integral part of any overall … Read more

Effective Email Templates to Boost Your Prospecting

Going back to early 90’s, even a single email in the inbox used to excite people, so much! Fast forward to the present, a multitude of email flows into an inbox regularly and considering the ultra-busy schedule of the people, they generally limit themselves from opening each and every mail that comes to their doorstep. … Read more