SalezShark vs Salesforce

SalezShark vs Salesforce CRM: Overview, Features, Pricing in 2021! Getting to the bottom of customer relationship management (CRM) software to pick out the best one for your business can be troublesome for you. You may come across numerous CRM providers, but how will you confirm that you are opting for the right one? No doubt, … Read more

4 ways to get high conversion from landing pages

Landing pages. They’re the uncelebrated yet truly B2B marketing supportive channel. You will not see them up for some honors, however, their function in the prospects’ excursion is significant. Without them, your data set would be quite tattered, and you’d have little thought about what sort of content or offers your clients esteem most. Most … Read more

6 ways Marketing Automation can help you increase sales

You know the fundamentals of marketing automation: it smoothes out, automates, and screens routine marketing assignments. However, a decent marketing automation podium is about more than making life simpler for the marketing group—it ought to likewise help you win more sales deals. Anyway, how might you take advantage of various parts of marketing automation to … Read more

5 ways to be better at Prospecting

Innovation is the key to success when it comes to doing prospecting painlessly. You should innovate new strategies to acquire new customers. One size doesn’t fit all; similarly, your prospecting differs from buyer to buyer based on their needs and expectations. You need to adopt various ways to be better at prospecting. It’s all about … Read more

5 Effective Ways to Increase Profit for Your Small Business

To increase sales & business revenue, small business owners need to draft their own sales & marketing strategy that should be easy & affordable when competing with the robust marketing budgets of larger businesses. Understanding how sales and profit are related and how to increase profit would assist you to market resourcefully and optimize your … Read more

Ways to Prevent Customer Churn & Increase Business Performance

For any SaaS companies or subscription-based businesses, churn rate is a crucial metric that decides overall performance. Basically, churn rate is the rate at which clients cut binds with your service during a certain period. This rate gives you an unmistakable thought regarding your client maintenance, which is a significant factor characterizing an organization’s prosperity. … Read more

Organize Better & Save Time with SalezShark Dynamic List View

SalezShark is here again with a new exciting feature that promises to enhance your user experience. It is “Dynamic List View” and as the name suggests it helps you simplify your leads/prospects search option. But what is this feature all about and how it can be helpful to you in enhancing your user experience, let’s … Read more

4 Unique Tips to Personalize Your Automated Emails

There’s not even a shadow of a doubt: automating your marketing can carry fantastic efficiencies to your business, permitting you to scale your endeavors without losing accuracy. Yet, you don’t need your automated emails to feel robotized – you need your marketing to feel individual, to build connections, and you likewise need it to enhance … Read more

Steps to Kick-Start a Robust B2B Sales Team

No matter how good products and services your brand offers to clients, if your B2B sales team is not effective, you’re not likely to achieve your sales targets. So, now the question arises, how can you kick-start a robust and effective B2B sales team? To answer this question here we are with a few simple … Read more

How Marketing Automation Boosts Sales funnel

One of the motives behind using any marketing automation suite is to become more efficient and effective at moving people/companies from lead to paying customers. This means it boosts sales funnel conversion. Connect+ marketing automation suite is also one of the powerful marketing automation platforms that help in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your … Read more

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