Marketing Lessons from Demonetization

While everybody was expecting the vote count news on American elections, we sure as hell, did not expect our Prime Minister announcing the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. The impact was real BIG. It set the Twitteratis in hysteria with endless opinions and constant tweets. While very one was trying to understand the … Read more

Phone Photography for Better Marketing

As a marketer, Millennials is a term I come across every single day. The fact that we see emojis and selfies in the marketing of many brands today depicts the extent to which Millennials (armed with their smartphones) have transformed how businesses approach marketing. Many say that the ability to wear and master a plethora … Read more

The Muscle of Word of Mouth

In today’s world of digitalization, the best kind of advertising may still be the chitter-chatter that marketers do not pay for. Advertising may be “one of the best” Business Intelligence Solutions in trade but it is certainly not “the best”. In fact, spending a marketing budget on the commercial marketing is the easiest, you just … Read more

Are You Ready For Activity Based Selling?

It is rightly said that one should focus on the procedure of sales rather than aiming towards the closing ratio, just for sake of doing it. Then, selling is not a single aspect, but it is a continuous process you go through to make the sales happen. Starting from the basics; selling boils down to … Read more

When Business Relationships Fail

Vision is the first step to efficiently operate a business. Yet, vision doesn’t always cut it. Similar to every entrepreneur, I had a vision but with the experience I’ve realized the importance of a strong plan, as well. Having a plan is akin to a great backup- if things go down, there’s something to fall … Read more

SalezShark Wins CRM Software Awards from

Our development team at SalezShark has always made a primary effort to make the platform a solution that will be not only efficient and reliable but also user-friendly and intuitive to our clients. We set out to design a quality Relationship Intelligence platform that will be a tool allowing you to forge long-lasting business relationships … Read more

Sales and Marketing Winning Together!

Aligning sales and marketing campaigns is crucial for big wins in customer experience. It is that one crucial to all businesses across sectors, which is responsible to make your journey worthwhile in trade. At the same time, sales and marketing alignment may sound daunting to many, with respect to the modern changing customers that are … Read more