Top Factors that Influence a B2B Purchase Decision

Factors that Influence a B2B Purchase Decision

B2B purchase decision is not generally a solo shot. It has to be a group decision. Usually there is a team of people who analyze the possible purchase and in some cases there is a top level person who has the power to grant the purchase. Every b2b organization including you, should consider the factors … Read more

Why We Love Customer Intelligence and You Should Too!

In this evolving and cut-throat industry, you can efficiently achieve a long- lasting competitive advantage by developing a good understanding of your customer. This is where Customer Intelligence comes in. Customer Intelligence is an art that every sales executive and business leader should implement in trade as without this you are left with assumptions, history, … Read more

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid for An Impressive Marketing Strategy

“Misconceptions are a Continuous Threat to Marketing” It is important for each business to identify marketing misconceptions early in trade. Once discovered, your next step should be to completely break down the myths and false assumptions to allow your marketing professionals to present new campaigns that are more engaging and effective. If you delay dealing … Read more

When Content Strikes a Chord with Sales

When Content Strikes a Chord With Sales

Nearly 40 per cent of companies use blogs and newsletters for marketing and sales purposes and over 46 per cent of people read such content on a daily basis. (Source) We are living in a day and age where the consumer no longer consults a sales executive to make a decision, instead he turns to … Read more

From Getting Hooked to Becoming a Loyal Customer; The Other Side of the Story

The Other Side of the Story

Just like every other individual, I get multiple sales calls on my phone. They present the finest sales- pitch in town, offer the best-in-class products & services and promise effective solutions. They try to sell me almost everything ranging from a pencil to a company without realising my exact need or requirement. Mostly, I am not … Read more

78 % Users Expect Personalization; It’s Time to Revamp your Marketing Strategy!

Marketing is constantly upgrading to meet people’s expectations and wow them with innovative ideas. It is growing to be more sophisticated with every passing day and only to match with today’s customer needs. The consumer understands the market which is flushed with customized service options, giving them a chance to pick wisely after close examination … Read more

Here’s What Social Selling Isn’t!

Social selling is an integral part of your sales tool- box. While many business leaders confidently integrate this apparatus in a business course, some still feel doubtful and often misunderstand it. It is imperative that you understand what social selling isn’t before you learn the results that can be reaped. So, let’s take a quick … Read more

Your Sales Approach is Dying; Give it a Boost!

Your Sales Approach

The traditional methods of selling which mostly involved cold calling and blind targeting are dead. Your Sales Approach is Dying And if you as a company are still following the long forgotten methods, it’s time you gave your sales strategy a quick revamp. Boosting business consistently may be a hard task, but there are ways … Read more

4 Fool Proof Business Targeted Strategies for Instant Growth

There has been tremendous growth in the emergence of small businesses/ startups. Today, India ranks third among the global startup ecosystems with more than 4,200 new-age companies. At present, more and more people are inclined towards the idea of setting up a new, small business. However, starting a new business is often fraught with high-stake … Read more

Quick Ways to Let Your Customers Know You Love Them

“Customers gravitate towards pleasant experiences” A good relationship with your customer helps ease the negotiation process, ensures future revenues by making your clients receptive to upselling and open doors to various other prospects. It has the potential to powerfully spur your business growth from micro to the macro level. To harness such benefits, it is … Read more

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