Why is data considered the new oil?

Any business today doesn’t matter its size small, medium, or large, and even doesn’t matter to which industry it belongs; growing its business sales is the key objective.Why is data considered the new oil? To attain this key objective, businesses must understand that their data is like oil that can drive the engine of their … Read more

What is a CRM? How is it beneficial for an organization?

Gone are the days when spreadsheets were in use to keep the data arranged and streamlined. The process of doing it was undoubtedly time-consuming and tedious with loads of inevitable human-bound errors. As the technological advancements took place use of spreadsheets also turned obsolete. Businesses nowadays streamline their data and drive their sales and marketing … Read more

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What exactly is SalezShark CRM? What does it do & how does it do it?

SalezShark CRM (customer relationship management) software is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based CRM software. It helps businesses by offering innovative solutions to various issues and challenges they come across in driving sales and marketing operations. This cloud-based CRM software is highly accessible and can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any mobile device via the internet. … Read more

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How can social media management software boost your sales in 2022?

Today social media has emerged as one of the important places for businesses to drive traffic, contact customers or even sell their products through the internet. Looking for ways to boost your sales through social media marketing, then SalezShark social media management software can help your business to skyrocket your sales in 2022. SalezShark social … Read more

Sales Email vs Cold Call: Which is best to use as per your Data?

Are you confused about when to use cold calling and sales marketing for your business? Because Cold call or email marketing techniques are the best and most effective techniques for prospecting when appropriately used. Each has its pros and cons. For example, it provides direct responses, whereas email is a cheaper form of marketing where … Read more

How does FMCG CRM software help your FMCG brand to get recognized?

Brand awareness is a key performance indicator. It helps you understand how your brand is performing among the targeted audience. FMCG CRM Software can help you in creating strong brand awareness among your customers. Brand awareness also helps companies establish their brand equity which is nothing but the brand’s value, which is primarily about the … Read more

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Why does your sales team need sales performance management tool?

Sales performance management is the system that depends upon data to track the organization’s sales performance. If we say that selling is the art of the business, then it would not be an exaggeration. Sales play a crucial role in maintaining loyalty and trust between customers and brands. Tracking your sales performance helps you analyze … Read more

How to ensure an effective sales tracking CRM security?

Today in the world of digitalization, data is the most valuable asset for any company. Securing data must be the top priority of the company because it will help keep your sensitive data safe from your competitors, make it easily accessible, and enforces data integrity. Secondly, suppose you are operating your business in any of … Read more