Win more sales with SalezShark Black Friday deals

The biggest shopping fever of the year is about to get viral. Holiday shoppers have already created their wish list and looking forward to some exciting Black Friday discounted deals. This is the time when most online and offline businesses offer heavy discounts on their products and services to win more sales. So before digging into how SalezShark Black Friday deals can benefit you, let us put some light on the reason for the Black Friday celebration. Black Friday comes just after Thanksgiving Day. It is considered to be one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year as it falls in the holiday season.

Black Friday deals


If you are running a business too and looking forward to winning more sales this holiday season, then you can’t afford to miss SalezShark Black Friday exciting deals on Engage CRM and Connect+ (Marketing automation suite) which are:

Get Flat 50% off on your favorite SalezShark CRM Professional Edition.

Get Flat 20% on an annual deal (for Advanced & Professional Edition only). Additionally, you get 1+1 user license free & 100 extra data credits.

Let’s look into a few benefits of these two automation suites separately and know how they can help you win more sales this holiday season.

SalezShark Engage CRM

SalezShark Engage CRM enables you to automate your daily sales tasks like organizing contact details, dialing calls, keeping records, scheduling follow-up emails, and so on. It helps you to automate your complete lead management cycle right from lead capturing to lead nurturing and lead conversion. By automating these manual tedious tasks you get more time to build relationships with your customers instantly and effectively. Especially during the busiest time of the year in the holiday season, you can’t afford to miss even a single lead that has the potential to turn into a paying customer, SalezShark Engage CRM helps you to manage leads effectively and enables you to turn lead into a deal in no time. Its AI (Artificial intelligence) based automation enables you to know the vital details of your leads and existing clients through multiple smart insights, predictions, and recommendations. These insights help you in tapping the most relevant leads and ensure you engage with them in a personalized manner.

SalezShark Connect+

SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation suite is integrated with a sales-ready database that simplifies your lead generation in no time. It gives you an option to search relevant contacts from its integrated b2b database that match with your target audience parameter. Once you have a list of all such contacts you can use the power of Connect+ automation that helps you in communicating with these relevant leads. It helps you to elevate your brand image by automating and streamlining your various marketing activities like drafting and sending emails in bulk. It offers you powerful email automation that can be used to create mass-email campaigns in a few clicks. Out of many marketing automation suites available in the market you can trust SalezShark Connect+ and start creating effective online marketing campaigns driving more sales & revenue this holiday season.

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