Things Every SME Should Automate 

Time is precious. With advanced technological advancements, companies are finding feasible solutions to time-consuming tasks that reduce employees’ productivity. The transition of business operations to the digital platforms has increased the scope of automated sales & marketing processes even for SME. Companies of all sizes are embracing automation and such affordable solutions are more accessible … Read more

How Automation Drives Amazing Results for SMEs?

SMEs are growing with automation – Less Work, More Growth! Being an entrepreneur isn’t as simple as it appears. Indeed, proprietors need to run the same procedures, yet with less workforce and assets ready. Business automation gives an astounding method to smooth out selling processes for SMEs and, given the ever-expanding rivalry, appears to be … Read more

How She Did It | Top Female Entrepreneurs to Inspire You

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” – Maya Angelou In anything and everything under the sun, women are going ahead with unbridled enthusiasm to make a difference with their ideas, fight social norms, run successful … Read more

5 Tested Ways to Feel Inspired At Work

You’re some months into your position in the office. You enter the office and say hello to your colleague on your way in the door, grab your coffee and enlist your task assignments. But, the truth is we all get dissatisfied or complacent at work. It was interesting when you first started out. But, now … Read more

Work Less and Get More Done: A How to Guide

We have reiterated this, at innumerable instances- “time is never on our side”. Despite working atlest 9 hours of straight desk timing, we’re left with nothing to show for it. In this current cut-throat world, time management has become essential. The rule of the sales world is that with every second wasted, there’s a new … Read more

Motivational Stories From World’s Best Sales People

Working in sales is tough, especially in the current uber-competitive scenario. During the downturns, even the best sales professionals throw in the towel. They often enter into a stalemate, while pleasing consumers and it is during such times that a little motivation can go a long way. Motivation is one of the essential ingredients for … Read more

What Sports Taught Me about Business (And How I apply it Every Single Day)

Similar to every other human being, I have my set of preferences which I hold dear to my heart. The first on the list is dedicated to eternal love for sports. The moot discipline I hone on a daily basis is derived from basketball and Tennis. Where the whoosh of the ball through the net … Read more

Effective Email Templates to Boost Your Prospecting

Going back to early 90’s, even a single email in the inbox used to excite people, so much! Fast forward to the present, a multitude of email flows into an inbox regularly and considering the ultra-busy schedule of the people, they generally limit themselves from opening each and every mail that comes to their doorstep. … Read more