How to find the best Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing is one of the most effective modes to connect with the target audience and share informative content on products and services they need to purchase. The process of sharing content through emails gets better when your target audience voluntarily subscribes to your email list to know more about your business. If you don’t … Read more

5 Tips to grow your email list

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing practices offering the highest potential ROI (return on investment) across marketing channels. This means email marketing can fetch a high ROI if you can reach a significant audience. Even after creating solid content for emails, many marketing professionals face issues in reaching a wider audience. So in such a … Read more

How Marketing Automation Boosts Sales funnel

One of the motives behind using any marketing automation suite is to become more efficient and effective at moving people/companies from lead to paying customers. This means it boosts sales funnel conversion. Connect+ marketing automation suite is also one of the powerful marketing automation platforms that help in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your … Read more

How Marketing Automation can Boost Your Team’s Productivity?

It doesn’t matter what size of your company is small, medium, or large; marketing automation is equally essential for all. Various studies and surveys have shown that more than 51% of organizations depend on marketing automation software to expand their reach to customers and drive marketing activities seamlessly. If used properly, these marketing automation tools … Read more

Make Engagement Easy with SalezShark Connect+ Marketing Automation

As sales leaders and marketers, we are continually searching for approaches to automate, improve, and simplify everything for ourselves so we can produce more substance, run more projects, and accomplish higher ROI. With advanced technology delivered at our finger touch, customers nowadays expect a personalized experience that should be effective, engaging, and instant. However, to … Read more

Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid For Better User Engagement

Today, technology has brought a new change in the professional life of marketers by allowing them to pick fresh leads online. Simultaneously, they can also improve customer retention.  If social media is your cocktail party then email marketing is a real meet-up for perfect coffee. Many newbies in the marketing field usually commit common blunders when … Read more

Accelerate Business Growth with SalezShark Connect+ Marketing Automation

The year 2021 has brought new expectations as the world is slowing to combat the pandemic with mass vaccination programs and remote work situations. However, certain significant movements found in buyer behavior will keep on continue. A McKinsey Research report expresses that purchasers will keep on inclining toward online channels for regular exercises – from … Read more

Why is Marketing Automation Necessary & How it is Useful for Small & Mid-Sized Companies?

The competition is rising exponentially in the marketing domain and during such times it is essential for small and mid-size companies to implement marketing automation into their business to improve the overall success ratio of their marketing campaigns. The purpose of deploying marketing automation software is not just for the sake of driving day-to-day marketing … Read more