Best email marketing practices to boost customer engagement

In a highly competitive environment for businesses to engage customers is more challenging than ever before. To overcome such challenges, seamless communication with customers can be a key to enhance customer engagement. Building email marketing campaigns is one of the best ways to establish seamless communication with customers and engage them. However, the dynamics of engaging … Read more

What is List Segmentation?

List segmentation is a technique that divides the contact list into different groups to trigger the right message to the relevant consumer base. Thanks to the framework of marketing automation that helps in segmenting database based on location, device usage, behavior, and statistic. It effectively manages the client data and filter information based on the … Read more

Top 8 Must-Have Features of Marketing Automation

Marketing has advanced essentially throughout the years and has turned out to be more mind-boggling and complex than any time in recent memory. With marketing automation in CRM, a business can automate workflow and upgrade an assortment of marketing undertakings. Marketing automation focuses on account-based online marketing such as personalized emails, social engagement, web management, … Read more