Take Your Business to The Next Level with SalezShark CRM Software

Building strong and personalized relationships with customers can be a challenging task especially when the competition among brands is rising exponentially. Identifying, connecting, and engaging with the most promising prospects and ensuring positive interactions with them make you can feel like lifting the weight of the world on your shoulders sometimes. In such a scenario … Read more

Why Should You Buy SalezShark CRM Software?

SalezShark CRM (customer relationship management) is one of the effective CRMs that help businesses in not only managing customer databases but also streamlining day-to-day sales and marketing activities seamlessly. The reason why you should buy this CRM software is it harnesses the power of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) that offers innovative solutions to … Read more

Benefits of SalezShark Real Estate CRM Software

SalezShark CRM is a highly customizable CRM software helping various businesses and industries in building a strong relationship with their customers. Keeping in mind the challenges and issues faced by the real estate industry SalezShark CRM is now integrated with a few of the most eminent real estate portals like Housing.com & MagicBricks, mostly used … Read more

Simplify your Real Estate Lead Management Process

The frequent transformations and fluctuations happening in the Real Estate industry make it difficult for real estate professionals to entice, manage, and retain clients. Not only this but also streamlining transactions and closing deals on time is not a cakewalk. In such a scenario SalezShark CRM is here again to simplify real estate lead management … Read more

How Businesses Leveraged CRM to Survive COVID Effects?

We all are aware of how COVID-19 and continuous lockdowns immobilized the world that caused an intense economic crisis. Its lethal impact forced businesses to close their operations and in order to sustain, businesses opted for the online work from home mode. To combat all sorts of issues and challenges in working from home, automated … Read more

Leverage the Power of a Customer Database to Grow Your Business

Many businesses nowadays are using customer databases entailing the buying preferences, behavior, needs, and expectations of customers to showcase products and services in a manner that acts as a solution to customers’ various issues and challenges. Not only large enterprises but also medium and small enterprises are using customer database to drive their sales and … Read more

Significance of CRM to Analyze Customer Behaviour Patterns

Customer relationship management (CRM) software plays a vital role in creating personalized experiences for buyers and users. Primarily this software is used by b2b and b2c organizations to keep track of their sales and marketing teams’ performance, store vital customer databases, automate sales & marketing daily workflows, develop reports by using advanced CRM analytics in … Read more

Marketing Automation & CRM: Two Sides of a Coin

Generally, people consider marketing automation and CRM software to serve almost the same purpose for businesses to generate revenue. Many marketing and sales professionals also find it difficult to differentiate between the two. However, if the difference between these two technologies gets clear it will be easier for businesses to overcome the obstacles that usually … Read more

Fuel Your Sales Growth This Black Friday

The best Black Friday Offer 2020 With the arrival of winter, the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. All online and offline stores are set to put forward their best deals to reap out the maximum benefits of the upcoming Black Friday. But what is Black Friday all about? Well, Black Friday is … Read more

Reasons why SMEs need SalezShark CRM Today

Any organization that has grown as an established one; or perhaps still in the growing stage will always be in the need of best Reasons why SMEs need SalezShark CRM Today,  that would promote customer satisfaction, productivity and collaboration in the business. As your business progresses, you will transform the inevitable pains into scalable business … Read more

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