What is the scope of the Mobile CRM Strategy in improving organizational efficiency?

Mobile CRM Strategy:- As the technology gets revolutionalized with time, the migration of internet users from desktop to mobile devices has also increased. This implies that now anyone can access real-time information from anywhere within seconds. It is also one of the major reasons behind increasing global internet traffic in the last few years. Effective … Read more

How can CRM help the health insurance business?

Competition and lack of trust are two important reasons for the failure of the Health Insurance Business. Selling a health insurance product is not an easy job. It can also be very challenging for experienced sales professionals.  80% of the agents get the same answer, “I am sorry I spoke to another broker,” from the … Read more

Try Expert Strategies For B2B Database Management in 2022

Running B2B businesses is inadequate to survive in this competitive world. To meet the level of your customers’ expectations, you must understand this evasive art more beyond this. It mainly prefers inbound marketing over other conventional outbound marketing strategies. Don’t restrict yourself like an average entrepreneur if you want to better understand your customers’ requirements. … Read more

An Ultimate Guide for Successful Sales Process in 2022

A sales process is a series of repetitive steps taken by a sales team to shift a prospect from an initial stage to a deal closure stage to turn him into a paying customer. An ideal sales process always helps salespeople to consistently close good deals by providing them a simple and easy framework to … Read more

Step into the future of marketing with SalezShark CRM software

Marketing plays a vital role in any organization as it helps right from lead generation to establish seamless communication with clients. Customer engagement directly depends on your marketing efforts and to do it strategically you need powerful and intuitive CRM software like SalezShark CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It helps you in enticing your target audience … Read more

Transform the way you sell with SalezShark CRM software

Deploying powerful and intuitive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software into the sales process plays a vital role in bringing significant benefits to any size of organization nowadays. As per the study conducted by Buyer Zone (now acquired by Business.com) – 91% of companies with an employee strength of a minimum of 11 use CRM software … Read more

Enhance customer engagement with SalezShark CRM software

SalezShark CRM is powerful CRM software that helps you to build strong customer relationships, maximize customer engagement, and drive business growth effectively. Your customers always want themselves to be your top priority and to achieve this objective, SalezShark CRM helps you: Deliver personalized customer experience by enabling you to get an idea of all the … Read more

5 ways to be better at Prospecting

Innovation is the key to success when it comes to doing prospecting painlessly. You should innovate new strategies to acquire new customers. One size doesn’t fit all; similarly, your prospecting differs from buyer to buyer based on their needs and expectations. You need to adopt various ways to be better at prospecting. It’s all about … Read more

Organize Better & Save Time with SalezShark Dynamic List View

SalezShark is here again with a new exciting feature that promises to enhance your user experience. It is “Dynamic List View” and as the name suggests it helps you simplify your leads/prospects search option. But what is this feature all about and how it can be helpful to you in enhancing your user experience, let’s … Read more