Is Robotic Process Automation The Latest Automation in Banking?

In today’s scenario, our banking industry is under tremendous pressure. The reason is to improve productivity and efficiency with reliable and secure financial services to its customers. To accomplish this goal, automation has arrived into the picture. And, it is not a new concept in the banking sector. We have already seen it while operating … Read more

Transform the way you sell with SalezShark CRM software

Deploying powerful and intuitive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software into the sales process plays a vital role in bringing significant benefits to any size of organization nowadays. As per the study conducted by Buyer Zone (now acquired by – 91% of companies with an employee strength of a minimum of 11 use CRM software … Read more

How to shoot up sales of your small business with less budget?

Are you running a small business. What is the rate of productivity you achieve at the end of every month? We can understand how difficult it is to generate revenue with fewer resources and a low budget in hand. Sales is an integral part of every business to maintain a steady stream of customers in … Read more

5 Effective Ways to Increase Profit for Your Small Business

To increase sales & business revenue, small business owners need to draft their own sales & marketing strategy that should be easy & affordable when competing with the robust marketing budgets of larger businesses. Understanding how sales and profit are related and how to increase profit would assist you to market resourcefully and optimize your … Read more

4 Unique Tips to Personalize Your Automated Emails

There’s not even a shadow of a doubt: automating your marketing can carry fantastic efficiencies to your business, permitting you to scale your endeavors without losing accuracy. Yet, you don’t need your automated emails to feel robotized – you need your marketing to feel individual, to build connections, and you likewise need it to enhance … Read more

How Marketing Automation Boosts Sales funnel

One of the motives behind using any marketing automation suite is to become more efficient and effective at moving people/companies from lead to paying customers. This means it boosts sales funnel conversion. Connect+ marketing automation suite is also one of the powerful marketing automation platforms that help in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your … Read more

How Marketing Automation can Boost Your Team’s Productivity?

It doesn’t matter what size of your company is small, medium, or large; marketing automation is equally essential for all. Various studies and surveys have shown that more than 51% of organizations depend on marketing automation software to expand their reach to customers and drive marketing activities seamlessly. If used properly, these marketing automation tools … Read more

Ways to Evaluate Marketing ROI for Business Success

In the present speedy business sectors, being information-driven is not just enough at this point. The current showcasing pioneers understand it’s an ideal opportunity to move their concentration away from month-to-month reports and onto knowledge-based choices. They’re moving past in reverse looking estimation and toward choice-centered management—and it’s rethinking the manner in which we should … Read more

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