How Inbound Marketing Helps Businesses?

Inbound Marketing is an effective lead generation activity that helps in generating quality leads. Inbound marketing gives priority to the needs and interests of consumers. Rather than pushing and attracting consumers to buy things instantly, inbound marketing focuses on educating the consumer about products and services and try to meet the needs and expectations first … Read more

Strategies to Make Business Survive 2020

Uncertain times call for strategic measures. So far, 2020 has been a year of uncertainties and no one would have ever thought of experiencing such a point in history where the world will come to a stop and businesses will see an indefinite global shutdown all across. Thankfully, we live in a digitally connected world … Read more

How does SalezShark help you to improve Customer Service?

When you deliver good customer service with the capacity to determine clients’ issues rapidly, comprehend and fulfill their business needs, you are paving the way to great customer relationships. It is based around commitment and building solid connections which prompts client retention and devotion. Here comes the productive investment of CRM to bridge the gap … Read more

Effective Tips to Create Engaging Facebook Ads

Social media platforms are one of the effective modes to reach hyper-targeted audiences with engaging content. Based on your business, goals, and core demographic, Facebook Ads can offer you an impeccable portal to boost leads, spread your brand awareness, or increase website traffic. Setting up the Facebook Ad is not rocket science; it’s easy to … Read more

Run Virtual Meetings & Webinars for Successful Lead Generation

Virtual meetings and webinars are powerful tools to positively boost the results of many sales and marketing initiatives. They are a great vehicle that breaks down the cold cyber barrier and forms a deep connection prospect. While it definitely helps in generating and educating new leads, just like a Sales CRM, webinars & virtual meetings also … Read more

Use Email Templates for Effortless Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is one of the effective ways to enhance brand visibility and establishing seamless relationships with prospects and existing clients. SalezShark understands the B2B email marketing process thoroughly and utilizes email marketing techniques effectively to ensure that your business will develop a loyal B2B email following. In order to create an impeccable email … Read more

Tips & Tricks to Enhance Lead Conversion

Any business irrespective of its size-small, medium, or large need leads. A lead here refers to an individual or business with an interest in what you are selling. Businesses invest a lot of time and money in lead generation because the revenue of business depends on a lead turning into a customer that is known … Read more

Smart Quotes on Working from Home

In the past few weeks, social distancing and the COVID-19 outbreak made millions of working professionals set up an office in their homes. It seems like a dream for many working professionals to work from home until you had to do it yourself. Work from home comes with a sudden vacuum and a realization of … Read more

Best Marketing Practices to Follow During this Global Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all facets of human life, including marketing. Maybe your business is not related to healthcare but you are most likely incorporating COVID-19 into your content and messaging. COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected business trends, but also consumer priorities and the entire marketing dimensions. People have no option but to live … Read more

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