Leverage the Power of a Customer Database to Grow Your Business

Many businesses nowadays are using customer databases entailing the buying preferences, behavior, needs, and expectations of customers to showcase products and services in a manner that acts as a solution to customers’ various issues and challenges. Not only large enterprises but also medium and small enterprises are using customer database to drive their sales and … Read more

Marketing Automation & CRM: Two Sides of a Coin

Generally, people consider marketing automation and CRM software to serve almost the same purpose for businesses to generate revenue. Many marketing and sales professionals also find it difficult to differentiate between the two. However, if the difference between these two technologies gets clear it will be easier for businesses to overcome the obstacles that usually … Read more

Get 360-Degree Customer View with SalezShark

Buying CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a crucial decision that can either make or break your brand’s image. You must ensure CRM you going to invest actually worth buying to implement into your business processes to get more customers. In order to overcome such challenges, it becomes essential to have a better understanding of … Read more

What is Real Estate CRM & How it Helps in Managing Customer Relationships?

If you are a real estate agent or broker and facing multiple challenges in managing, enticing, and retaining clients; streamlining transactions; and closing deals on time then you must consider using good real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Real estate CRM is created to facilitate real estate professionals like you to seamlessly manage your … Read more

Scope of CRM Marketing in 2021

CRM software designed for marketing is termed CRM marketing software. It is designed to elevate your brand image by introducing the power of marketing automation into your business. It automates and streamlines your multiple marketing activities right from lead capturing to enhancing lead-to-sale conversions, and elevating the overall experience of your most promising buyers and … Read more

Why to Choose SalezShark CRM in 2021

New Year – Best CRM – Why to Choose SalezShark CRM in 2021 New Year is around the corner which rings the bell for most of the brands to set their sales and marketing goals for 2021. In order to accomplish these goals, you must unleash the power of sales & marketing automation into your … Read more

Why CRM should be your top priority this Christmas?

We are in the midst of the holiday shopping season. Right from the retailers to any service providers, a CRM system is one of the effective software that helps brands in maximizing the sales throughout the year and especially during the holiday season like Christmas. SalezShark CRM software offers you an invaluable collection of tools … Read more

Effective Tips to Deliver Remarkable Customer Experience

Expectations are always high when it comes to delivering a remarkable customer experience. Most of the brands around the world are leaving no stone unturned in establishing themselves as a customer-centric organization. If we talk about the b2c environment it is quick to deliver a good customer experience in comparison to a b2b environment where … Read more

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