Be a Marketing Genius with SalezShark Connect+

SalezShark Connect+ is highly intuitive and powerful marketing automation software that undoubtedly helps you drive marketing activities like a marketing genius. It empowers you to automate your day-to-day marketing activities and helps you optimize the performance of your marketing process right from smart lead generation to lead nurturing. By leveraging its marketing analytics and data-driven … Read more

Why is Marketing Automation Necessary & How it is Useful for Small & Mid-Sized Companies?

The competition is rising exponentially in the marketing domain and during such times it is essential for small and mid-size companies to implement marketing automation into their business to improve the overall success ratio of their marketing campaigns. The purpose of deploying marketing automation software is not just for the sake of driving day-to-day marketing … Read more

Is Your Business Using Email Marketing Effectively?

Email marketing can be highly effective in getting significant ROI (Return on Investment) to your business if done right. Most of the brands use email marketing as a medium to inform their existing customers and promising buyers about seasonal sales, product releases, customer updates, etc. While creating email marketing campaigns, it’s highly required to capture … Read more

Ways to Maximize Your Email Marketing

Are you planning to market new products and services and want buyers to opt for them? Email marketing is not just an excellent way to market the products and services but also acts as a catalyst in boosting the conversion rate in terms of sales and closing deals effectively. If your emails are designed well, … Read more

Email Personalization a key to Connect with Customers during Bad Times!

Using email personalization to connect with customers during bad times and economic uncertainties is a wise step. At present COVID-19 has impacted the economic structure of various businesses and all the businesses are in a confused state whether to halt their email marketing efforts for the moment or continue. During such times businesses should work … Read more

Tips To Avoid Email Blacklists

Your business email list is your lifeline and essential to you. Isn’t it? and what if your lifeline gets blacklist? How can you avoid email blacklists? That is something that happens when your IP ends up on an email blacklist. But what exactly email blacklist is all about? Let us explain what it is and … Read more