Make Engagement Easy with SalezShark Connect+ Marketing Automation

As sales leaders and marketers, we are continually searching for approaches to automate, improve, and simplify everything for ourselves so we can produce more substance, run more projects, and accomplish higher ROI. With advanced technology delivered at our finger touch, customers nowadays expect a personalized experience that should be effective, engaging, and instant. However, to … Read more

5 Ways SalezShark CRM Software Can Help Reduce Your Business Costs

Most business experts realize that there are many ways of reducing the overall costs of a business; however, deploying CRM software is a strategic way to do this. Advanced software like SalezShark CRM software acts as a solution to multiple challenges that you face in driving your business growth. It not only takes care of … Read more

Why customer complaints are key success to your business?

Customers are the most essential assets of every business. The higher the number of customers you have, the higher will be your brand image. It depends upon your customer service. If your customer service can make the business, it can break it too in case of poor service. The best way to maintain the old … Read more

Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid For Better User Engagement

Today, technology has brought a new change in the professional life of marketers by allowing them to pick fresh leads online. Simultaneously, they can also improve customer retention.  If social media is your cocktail party then email marketing is a real meet-up for perfect coffee. Many newbies in the marketing field usually commit common blunders when … Read more

Accelerate Business Growth with SalezShark Connect+ Marketing Automation

The year 2021 has brought new expectations as the world is slowing to combat the pandemic with mass vaccination programs and remote work situations. However, certain significant movements found in buyer behavior will keep on continue. A McKinsey Research report expresses that purchasers will keep on inclining toward online channels for regular exercises – from … Read more

Four Reasons why CRM Software is the Most Valuable Asset

Building a strong and personalized relationship with customers; managing interactions with b2b clients, colleagues, and so on play a vital role in driving any business effectively. To achieve these objectives most of the businesses are using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that helps them in driving multiple processes seamlessly, finding new clients, acquiring new customers, … Read more

How CRM software Helps in Driving & Increasing Sales

Implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software into your sales process brings significant benefits to your organization. 91% of organizations with more than 11 employees use CRM software to boost sales according to Buyer Zone (now acquired by Also, the Nucleus Research report stated that businesses using a mobile CRM achieve 65% of their sales … Read more

The Utmost Importance of Smart CRM Analytics

Enhancing customer engagement is one of the key objectives for most brands nowadays to grow business by leaps and bounds. The ways to build customer relationships evolved tremendously in the last few years. The dynamics of a customer-business relationship are rapidly evolving and to match the pace of these evolvements CRM (customer relationship management) software … Read more

What is Helpdesk CRM Software?

Just meeting the expectations of a customer is not sufficient nowadays. You need to exceed customer expectations by delivering impeccable customer service. Brands nowadays are using CRM (Customer relationship management) software not only to streamline and automate their day-to-day sales and marketing tasks but also expect CRM to drive their customer service operations smoothly. To … Read more

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