Best Tactics To Manage Your B2B Database in 2021

Running B2B businesses is not enough, you must understand this evasive art more beyond this. It mainly prefers inbound marketing over other conventional outbound marketing strategies. Don’t restrict yourself like an average entrepreneur. This will help you to better understand your customers’ needs and the services they require. And gradually, it will fill your system … Read more

Are You Here To Know About Customer Lifecycle Marketing? | Read This Blog!

If you are eagerly looking for some solid technique to run marketing operations successfully, then you must dig deeper into lifecycle marketing. Customer Lifecycle Marketing is an ideal strategy for managing your customer relationships to heal every loss and improve the health of your business. Because if customers will keep knocking at your door, it … Read more

Boost your holiday sales with SalezShark Connect+

Festivities are about to begin and with that being an entrepreneur we are sure you want to level up your Q4 and holiday email marketing strategies to increase holiday sales. It is the most critical time of the year for most businesses and considering the challenges of 2021, this festive season presents a final opportunity … Read more

How is artificial intelligence changing the success stories of marketers today?

Artificial Intelligence has been acquiring a huge space in the world, dominating popular culture for years especially marketing. Marketers rank AI as the number 1 priority since this innovative technology makes marketing automation more intelligent by translating data into decisions. Advertising strategy rodes the wave of big data-driven AI adoption to revolutionize the e-commerce process … Read more

SalezShark sales automation software: Key to boost sales & revenue

Right from lead generation to lead conversion; sales professionals face many challenges. A typical sales cycle starts with lead generation and ends with customer acquisition. Undoubtedly to drive the entire sales process smoothly, sales professionals play a vital role at every step of the way. They spend a lot of their productive hours executing repetitive … Read more

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