Where to buy the best marketing automation software for business?

Successful business growth works ideally on a strategy that orients customer needs and experience. Modern buyers look for such businesses that can offer a value-based experience as well as consistent engagement. Have you ever imagined what will happen if you will automate all the repetitive tasks that go into creating and sending successful marketing campaigns? … Read more

How to choose the right B2B lead generation software for your business?

For any business to convince more customers to purchase your product is important as well as challenging. However, the boosting technology has been making sales and marketing generation streamlined and data-driven. Around 80% of marketers use B2B lead generation software to generate more leads by automating their email marketing campaigns. How to define lead generation … Read more

Boost sales growth this Black Friday

As the winter knocks on our door, the holiday shopping season starts too. This is the time when all shoppers can turn their wish list into reality. All sorts of brands and businesses online and offline showcase their best by offering great discounted deals to reap out the maximum benefits from Black Friday. But before … Read more

Win more sales with SalezShark Black Friday deals

The biggest shopping fever of the year is about to get viral. Holiday shoppers have already created their wish list and looking forward to some exciting Black Friday discounted deals. This is the time when most online and offline businesses offer heavy discounts on their products and services to win more sales. So before digging … Read more

How to transform businesses via SalezShark data-driven marketing strategies?

The life sciences sector is at a crossroads. Marketing and sales teams at life science companies of all sizes are implementing CRM systems to acquire and keep customers, provide a better customer experience, and collect vital customer data transforming businesses for the better.  The rising volume and variety of data pose substantial management and security … Read more

What’s next for small businesses in 2022 and beyond? | Get Experts Insights!

The current pandemic struggles, disruption, and other losses have inspired businesses especially SMBs to aim at ways to get more customers. In spite of this challenging economy, the SalezShark CRM platform estimated that around 34% of small and medium businesses have been prioritizing building healthy customer relationships for a long duration. Now, how can anyone … Read more

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