Organize Better & Save Time with SalezShark Dynamic List View

SalezShark is here again with a new exciting feature that promises to enhance your user experience. It is “Dynamic List View” and as the name suggests it helps you simplify your leads/prospects search option. But what is this feature all about and how it can be helpful to you in enhancing your user experience, let’s … Read more

4 Unique Tips to Personalize Your Automated Emails

There’s not even a shadow of a doubt: automating your marketing can carry fantastic efficiencies to your business, permitting you to scale your endeavors without losing accuracy. Yet, you don’t need your automated emails to feel robotized – you need your marketing to feel individual, to build connections, and you likewise need it to enhance … Read more

Steps to Kick-Start a Robust B2B Sales Team

No matter how good products and services your brand offers to clients, if your B2B sales team is not effective, you’re not likely to achieve your sales targets. So, now the question arises, how can you kick-start a robust and effective B2B sales team? To answer this question here we are with a few simple … Read more

How Marketing Automation Boosts Sales funnel

One of the motives behind using any marketing automation suite is to become more efficient and effective at moving people/companies from lead to paying customers. This means it boosts sales funnel conversion. Connect+ marketing automation suite is also one of the powerful marketing automation platforms that help in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your … Read more

4 Ways to Grow Your Business with Strong Client Base

Growing a business is anything but a simple assignment. You need to track down the right equilibrium of interest in devices to guarantee a good outcome. It is exceptionally simple to squander for what seems like forever on social media and in-person networking with no indication of business development. It is similarly conceivable to put … Read more

5 Steps for an Effective Sales Pitch

Once you are successful in acquiring more customers and prove to have a 99% sales record, the sales leader is ought to provide a detailed & experienced analysis for what their salespeople are best at and the rest can leave for improvement. The thought is that whenever you’ve pinpointed how you’ve obtained your present clients, … Read more

SalezShark CRM vs Zoho CRM

SalezShark CRM vs Zoho: Which one suits your business better in 2021? For anyone running a business, the term CRM is a pretty big deal today but at the same time, becomes a source of leisure when the right CRM aligns multiple functions in an organization. Nowadays, customer engagement is much more beyond manufacturing quality … Read more

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How to Increase Lead Quality in 3 Simple Steps?

We understand the amount of effort your sales team put in nurturing the leads that they receive from marketing and make every possible endeavor to convert them into clients. In case, such is not happening at your organization, it’s time to act immediately to increase lead quality. Developing lead quality requires responsibility from both the … Read more

5 Ways Top Sales Reps Can Use Marketing Automation to Close More Deals

Marketing automation is a tremendous gift for outreach groups but only a couple of sales reps are leveraging the benefits of this software. However, salespeople are too occupied to even consider finding out about what the marketing group is up to and keep prospecting by sending one-off messages and speculating which organizations and individuals are … Read more

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